Case Report

A witnessed intra-operative blood transfusion-related air embolism under epidural anaesthesia for vesicovaginal fistula repair

Gyadale AN*, Adeyanju BT, Ayegbusi EO, Adeyiolu AT, Olabode AA, Suberu SO and Olajide MA

Published: 21 June, 2022 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-003

The transfusion is a normal life-saving procedure conducted commonly by the nurses at the prescription of the attending physician or the emergency physicians. It is generally a safe procedure if guidelines for processing and administering are carefully followed. Blood transfusion is an independent risk factor for morbidity and mortality and major complications arising from transfusion are generally rare. 
We present a case of a mild case of iatrogenic air embolism exacerbated by pressure infusion for a patient who had undergone an exploratory laparotomy for an iatrogenic fistula repair under epidural anesthesia.

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